Think Long, But Get Going

As an entrepreneurial doctor starting out, you face a few challenging choices. Firstly what is my ideal medical niche? Secondly how do I position myself in terms of products/ services,pricing and image . And finally where shall I practice, and is my current location...

Protected: A Partner to Hold My Hand…?

Going into business is a scary process. And one that we doctors are not particularly used to or trained to deal with.  Any medical course that trains you in any niche of medicine will still leave you with an enormous skills gap between the end of that clinical...

The 12 Commandments of Marketing

This is one of the easier articles I will have to write. Why? Because it is based directly upon the work of the late great Jay Conrad Levinson, from his seminal marketing work “Guerilla Marketing”. I remember picking this book up in an airport bookshop in...
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Ready to Chart your Own Medical Destiny?

I'm going to give you FREE access to all our "Action Plan 123s". Each Action Plan 123 is a Step by Step Module covering a major topic along your path to a lucrative niche medical private practice. Action Plan 123s consist of Tutorials, Infographics and Worksheets. Each is designed to take you all the way from novice to competence in that topic - delivered in a Stepwise, 1-2-3 manner. Essential Information you need to achieve business success in medicine - all in one place.

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