Building Your Marketing Machine


When you’ve built your business and assembled it, it is Marketing that is going to be the lifeblood of your business.

Marketing will differentiate it from your competitors, bring in your clients and and provide the revenue that leads to large profits.

It’s also the one area that most  a doctors know very little about.  They frequently do not invest sufficiently in marketing knowledge, cash and resources. And what cash they do spend is often wasted in non focussed “shotgun marketing”.

Even experienced medical entrepreneurs like myself have been surprised at the rapidly changing landscape of the online marketing world.  In fact, when I recently revisited my online marketing strategy, I was surprised that our four-year-old website was already out of date. We employed minimal online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization. Such is the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

And despite all this, our website and online presence was still streets ahead of our medical competition!


Having a well designed Marketing Strategy, Brand, Website and integrated Social Media Plan will allow you to:

Build your Brand and Market Positioning

Communicate to your Specific Clientele

Get the World to See Your Brand

Outcompete Your Medical Competition

So imagine what it’s going to be like for your new business when you take all the latest online marketing techniques we teach you and combined them into a “marketing cash machine”.


The series of articles will get you started on building a online presence with a well-designed website, social media integration, search engine optimisation and online advertising.

It will also cover “guerilla” tactics such as blog posting, forum commenting and other online brand building tactics.

And finally, we will demystify the technology so that you do not suffer from “technophobia paralysis” and never get started at all.


Interested?  Read on…..

Selecting My Niche – FAQs

Selecting My Niche – FAQs

Q: What Niche should I Sub Specialise In? A : Only you can answer this. But let me give you some common pointers to selecting your Niche. Will I Enjoy The Medicine? The most important thing is that this is something you should enjoy and be suited to. Simply speaking,...

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Think Long, But Get Going

Think Long, But Get Going

As an entrepreneurial doctor starting out, you face a few challenging choices. Firstly what is my ideal medical niche? Secondly how do I position myself in terms of products/ services,pricing and image . And finally where shall I practice, and is my current location...

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Cvo – read this first

Cvo – read this first

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