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The aim of this website is to enable you to take back control of your life. To enjoy your career, and do so with a work / life balance that allows for sufficient income, energy to look after yourself and time to enjoy your family life. This involves finding your business sweet spot, and more importantly,  your life’s sweet spot.

Too often entrepreneurs of any sort, including medical doctors, will sacrifice their entire life for their business.

All too often non-entrepreneurial medical doctors and specialists will do exactly the same thing for someone elses business!

It is only later in life, after we have dedicated the best years of life to to serving our profession, that we realise we’ve missed out on family time, children growing up, and the enjoyment of life whilst we still have the heath, vigour and mental optimism to do so.

The last thing I want to do is to tell you from a non-entrepreneurial workaholic into an entrepreneurial workaholic. So these are the basic rules that you need to consider when designing your business to fit in to your life sweet spot.

I call it the “Success with Sanity” Business Model.

A Success with Sanity Business Rewards You

You are entitled to demand and receive the high income you deserve. A good medical business will be designed to pay you a high income as a reward for providing outstanding service to your patients and the community. This high income will allow you and  your family to enjoy the good things in life, without financial stresses. It will empower you by confirming – in the most direct and measurable manner possible – that society thinks you are a valuable member of its cohort.

The Success with Sanity Business Grows with You and Beyond You

You will design your business so that eventually it’s entire income is not dependent upon your hour to hour work. You will use business optimisation techniques to leverage your time and your talents to multiply your income streams beyond your own personal hours worked. You will also build your business to be saleable, so there is a “pot of gold” at the far end of your career rainbow.

The Success with Sanity Business has patients whom you like, and who like and respect you back

All of us get the patients and practices we deserve, so make sure you deserve and get the best patients and practice.

It is almost axiomatic that when you put your focus and passion into a narrow niche of medicine, you will get very good and very enthusiastic at it. It is hard for patients not to be impressed and respectful of the doctor who is both expert and enthusiastic. Not only is this excellent marketing for you, but it will mean that you actually enjoy going to work and interacting with your patients.

Such a practice loves you back, because you have put in the time, effort and focus to love it first. This is your business sweet spot.

Your Success with Sanity Business will dovetail nicely with the rest of your life

Having created your business sweet spot, now make sure it dovetails with your life sweet spot.  This means understanding that your business is not the sole creator of your personal wealth, and your personal wealth is not the sole arbiter of your life happiness.

Make sure that your business creates a good income, and learn to invest this wisely to create valuable assets outside your business.

Finally, make sure neither of those two endeavours takes up so much time or effort that you do not have time left for your family, your friends and your own personal life enjoyment.

Your Success with Sanity Business first says "Physician, Heal Thyself"

How many times have you advised your patients to eat well, get fit, avoid excess alcohol, and stay optimistic? Well, time to take that advice personally.

Make sure that you allow enough time for your own personal physical, mental and emotional regeneration. Get fit, and build health and fitness into your own personal success ritual.

There really is no better business advice than that.

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