Expansion and Leverage


All successful medical entrepreneurs, including you, will eventually hit the same barrier.


You can only see one patient at a time, and there are only 24 hours in every day.

So what do you do when you are fully booked, working flat out to see all the patients that your marketing machine is delivering?

The answer, of course, is leverage. The ability to employ other doctors, open new clinics,  service multiple clients in group programs, or create remote delivery of care via online programs.

All of these allow you to expand earning without the necessity of your own physical presence.

Not all will be appropriate to your medical niche, but one or more certainly will be.


Interested? Read On……


The Four Models of Medical Leverage

Conventional Expansion

Add more staff, doctors and associates. Add more clinics and locations

The Franchise Model

Create a structured framework combining therapy with your business model, which other doctors license from you.

Multiple Patients Together

Group Sessions – Workshops, Seminars, Lectures etc where you can address multiple clients or patients at the same time.

Online Medicine

Create Products and Programs that allow you to deliver your information, advice  and therapy remotely – Books, Podcasts, DVDs, Online Courses etc.

Online Leverage – The New Frontier

Online leverage will allow doctors to create and sell their Information, Advice and Therapy remotely,  potentially earning multiples of their previous income.

This is a revolutionary equaliser in medicine, levelling the income field for non procedural doctors.  Up to now, procedural doctors have generally earned far more than their non-procedural colleagues.

So what’s the catch?

Well it requires a leap of knowledge and faith to enter the world of delivering seminars, workshops or speeches. Or to create products and programs (online or physical) that can be delivered remotely of your physical presence and time.

It will entail you leaving your comfort zone.

And your field of medical expertise, your niche, must be suitable to offering advice – often lifestyle advice – to your patients in a remotely deliverable manner.

But,  if you have a suitable medical niche, there is no reason why you cannot make and deliver such programs to patients in all corners of the world.

Welcome to the new frontier of medicine…

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