My Manifesto

dr.brianHi there. My name is Dr Brian D’Souza, and welcome to my blog, which is my small contribution back to the medical profession.

This website is the latest evolution of my life work – want to live in a world where doctors are valued and where medicine is a valued profession. In other words, the old world that we thought existed when we first qualified. The world in which we and our parents were so excited about on our graduation day. Not the new world of health managers, ever increasing workload, crippling control, litigation etc.

Career Manifestos

Everyone should have a Manifesto. Certainly, every doctor should. You should.

This is my Manifesto. It won’t be right for you, but it’ll give you some ideas on how to structure yours. It should include how you value yourself, the priority to give to yourself and your family over the rest of the world, and what you want to do to achieve professional satisfaction.

Try mine for size, and then go and design yours.

My Manifesto.

  • I’m a good ethical doctor and a good ethical human being.
  • I would like my presence on earth to contribute for the better.
  • I care deeply about my patients – but not at the complete expense of my life and my family.
  • I insist on putting the interests of myself and my family first. Everybody else does so, and nobody else will do it for us.
  • The financial needs of the state, and the overall health needs of the nation are neither my responsibility nor my main priority. Let society and the politicians sort that out.

I insist on my right to:

  • Structure and control the professional life that I wish for and design for.
  • Sub specialise and focus on a medical niche that I really enjoy, rather than being told what to do.
  • Achieve the excellence, prestige and satisfaction that comes from a laser sharp focus – for at least part of my working week – in a narrow specialty.
  • Spend time with patients who want to see me, and whom I want to see and enjoy seeing.
  • Earn more,  – potentially much more.
  • Work less and enjoy my life outside medicine. If I work more, it is because I enjoy my work and choose to do so.
  • Be far less controlled by the system, administrators and the government.
  • Dare to try something different – something which almost all my professional colleagues have thought about trying at least some stage of their lives, but not dared to.
  • Master the essential business skills that were not taught to me in medical school. That last 10% of knowledge that makes all the difference in this financially competitive world.
  • Have time for myself, my family and friends whilst I am young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it.
  • Not lead a life of quiet desperation.
  • Die old, die happy, die fulfilled.

Your Manifesto

Now its your turn.

Once you have your manifesto, you can start designing the rest of your medical career.

Once you have your manifesto, you can pick and master your niche.

With your niche, you can design your business plan, assemble your business, develop your marketing machine and finally fit this into your overall wealth maximising and life plan.

Sound simple?  Yes it is.

Easy?  No, not really.

But well worth making the effort.

Go ahead, write your own life manifesto, and get started on making it happen.

Finally – spread the word. With enough of us on board , we may even create a movement that allows the next generation of doctors to regain control of their lives, to have time to enjoy themselves and to watch their children grow up.  And to be paid what they deserve for the time, effort , talent, conscientiousness and service they have put into their careers

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