From Doctor to Business Owner – into the Great Unknown


OK, you have picked your medical niche and learned all about it.

And you have decided to launch into the big world as a “medi -prenuer”.  What now?

This is the stage at which many medical doctors and would-be entrepreneurs quietly pack up their bags and go home. Having mastered the familiar – learning the academic and clinical aspects of the new medical niche – they are now faced with the big unknown world of business and commerce. This unfamiliar terrain is all too alien, and they quietly return to the familiar territory of their general medical practice.

Stop! Take a deep breath. Understand this – it’s not that hard. If I have acheived it, you certainly can too.

Having been in business for several years, there is one thing I now understand. Most medical courses the world over will achieve the same thing – they will turn you into a expert doctor in your field.

But none will address the vital issue of monetising your knowledge.

Having selected and mastered your medical niche, there is still a huge gap between this point and being ready to start up your own business. Having started your journey, you are “stranded in the middle of the river, looking at the distant shore”.

Teaching you overcome this “gap” is the focus of this section.


I understand that this leap is not for everybody. But having made the transition from doctor to business owner, I have since watched dozens of my colleagues who have wished to do the same but have failed to do so.

Hence I have come to this one realisation:

To take the leap from an being expert doctor to becoming the business owner which rewards this status , will require you to act , behave and think differently from the majority of your colleagues.

Are you ready to do so?  Then read on.

Failure To Launch

Failure To Launch

If you've come this far, great. Well done! You've selected your niche. You've done all the study, attended clinical courses, even treated a few patients within your current clinical setting. All this was relatively easy and familiar and unthreatening. You've even...

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