A quick Multiple-Choice question for those of you who are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of setting up your own private medicine niche. Please answer the following question.

Q: For anyone intending to set up their own private niche medicine clinic, what would most difficult part of the project?

  1. Selecting a Niche
  2. Finding Premises
  3. Appointing Staff.
  4. Putting together a Website.
  5. Putting together a Clinical Program.
  6. Online advertising.
  7. Getting paying patients.
  8. All of the above.

The correct answer is: None of the above.

The most difficult part is : Going to school and studying very hard for years on end, getting into medical school, surviving year one and year two exams, surviving the clinical years and final exams, internship and fellowships. That is the incredibly hard part, all of which you have already done.

The other “barriers” listed above are much easier and quicker to overcome.

Any non medical entepreneur who came into competition with you would give their  right arm to gain what you already have under your belt. The knowledge, the experience, the pedigree, the credibility, and the accumulated goodwill which comes with your professional qualification. To have all these hard yards already done, which cannot be bought off the shelf, which cannot be fast tracked, which cannot be transferred and which cannot be backdated.

So, when someone asks you “Who are you to attempt this?”  or more likely, when you ask yourself the very same question, the answer is:

” Who am I not to do this? If not me, who else has earned the right to provide and charge for this service? “

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