Welcome, Fellow Doctor, glad you’re here !


You just landed on the Number One website designed to teach medical doctors to create their very own lucrative private medical practice.

This is a journey I have travelled myself  (and am still travelling and learning).

My mission is to help YOU, Step by Step, to achieve YOUR dream career too.

I want you to achieve this with maximum speed, minimum stress and whilst retaining (or regaining!) your sanity.




 Ready to Chart Your Medical Destiny?

Here are the 7 Principles of Medical Business Design that transformed my practice.


  • These Principles separate commercially successful Medical Businesses from all the rest. They certainly transformed my medical practice.
  • If you don’t know them, you ARE going to leave money on the table.
  • Over your career , its going add up to be a LOT of money.
  • You really need to know ALL these 7 Principles BEFORE  you get started.

Why Are YOU here?

Let me guess- because one or more of the following apply:

You are a Doctor, Dentist or Health Professional, and you are:

  • Bored and / or… Frustrated, UnFulfilled, Underpaid, Overworked,
  • Over Controlled – by the government, health service managers or health insurance companies
  • In danger of becoming Envious, Regretful, Depressed, Cynical.

And / Or :

  • You have ideas about breaking free, but don’t know how or where to start….
  • You are on the treadmill of endless hours and ever increasing workload, with no end in sight…
  • You have studied more clinical courses than you care to remember, but are still working as an employee…
  • You are overwhelmed by the very idea of starting your own business…..
  • You simply want a few hours a week doing what you love, calling the shots and actually being well paid for it…..

There is a way out ! You’re in the right place


A Career you Love

Focus and Mastery over your field

Control over your Career and Life

Prestige and Peer Respect

A Balanced Life

A Much Greater Income

Who am I and How do I Know?

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.25.46 amNot so many years ago, I was a similarly bored, frustrated, cynical and resentful doctor. For more of my story, read here

Slowly, through trial and error, I found my way to a much better place. But this was not achieved by finding the perfect job, the perfect system or the perfect country, although I unsuccessfully tried all those first.

The answer came by learning and mastering business skills that my Medical School  had neglected to teach me.

That final 5-10% of knowledge was the key to regaining control.



The escape route I took was to focus on a medical niche that I knew well and loved practising in. Then I started learning all the business skills required to design and assemble a private practice  around this field. Eventually, after many years, I ended up with a large medical practice with multiple associate doctors and non-medical employees.

Along the way I made every mistake in the book. I was no natural, and there were no courses or websites like this to teach me along the way. Each new strategy, skill, and little tactic was painfully acquired and learned- to create, design, assemble and optimize my business. I now I want to share all this knowledge with you.

There’s a lot of content here, but don’t worry or be overwhelmed. It is all structured logically, so just read on and take it one step at a time. This website is here to help you begin control of your career.



This site is dedicated to those doctors wish to create a lucrative private medical practice to realise their lifestyle career and financial goals. This means creating a practice where patients pay you money – cash – out their own pockets for your services. It does not exclude interacting with the government, insurance companies, health service managers or large corporations, but it does not depend on it either.

This could be a part-time endeavour for a couple of sessions a week, and it may extend to  full-time solo practice. Or, as in my case, it may end up as a large multiple doctor specialty practice. The advice you will get here, and your commitment,  can take you as far as you want.

And although I live in Australia, this knowledge is universal.

With some adaptation, these Strategies, Skills, Tactics and Mindset will serve you well wherever you live and practise medicine.


Which of the Following Best Describes YOU?

Just Starting, No Niche, No Idea?

Niche Mastered, Ready to Design and Assemble My Business

Business Started, Marketing and Optimization Needed



I Need to Escape the Treadmill by Leveraging My Time, but I don't want to create a physical business .

Ready to Chart your Own Medical Destiny?

I’m going to give you FREE access to all our “Action Plan 123s”.

Each Action Plan 123 is a Step by Step Module covering  a major topic along your path to a lucrative niche medical  private practice.

Action Plan 123s consist of  Tutorials, Infographics and Worksheets.

Each is designed to take you all the way from novice to competence –  delivered in a stepwise, 1-2-3  manner.

Essential Information you need to achieve business success in medicine – all in one place.

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